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Concept of Corner Handicap Betting and Effective Strategies for Newcomers

Corner handicap betting is one of the most popular types of bets that are not related to the score. Instead of trying to predict how many goals each team will score, you only need to focus on corner kicks. This type of betting is neither too easy nor too difficult. You should explore and participate in corner handicap betting with Wintips.Com if you want to "spice up" each match.

What is Corner Handicap Betting?

As the name suggests, this type of betting involves predicting the number of corner kicks. You will predict which team will get more corner kicks according to the odds set by the bookmaker. This type of bet does not require you to have a deep understanding of the teams' performance. However, you must know their playing style.

Typically, there are quite a few corner kicks in a match. While it's challenging to predict the exact number of corners each team will get, you can predict which team will get more. A reputable bookmaker will provide a detailed betting table with different payout rates for both teams. The principle of choosing the upper and lower teams is similar to score betting.

Corner Handicap Betting Odds Table

Depending on the match, there will be different bookmaker odds tables for quick betting analysis. Generally, the payout rates offered are quite high, allowing you to earn additional income. You just need to spend a little time considering the playing styles of both teams to accurately predict the odds.

Winning and Losing Scenarios in Corner Handicap Betting

Corner handicap betting is quite similar to standard score handicap betting. The bookmaker will set a corner handicap ratio and a total corner ratio. Your task is to predict which team will get the number of corners corresponding to these ratios.

For example, in the match on October 24, 2021, between Liverpool and Manchester United in the Premier League, the reputable bookmaker W88 set a handicap with Liverpool as the upper team giving a 3-corner advantage. You will win or lose your bet in the following scenarios:

  • Liverpool ends the match with the exact number of corners more than Man United as per the ratio: If you bet on Liverpool, you win; those who bet on MU lose.

  • Man United gets more corners than Liverpool: If you bet on Man United, you win; those who bet on Liverpool lose.

Types of Corner Handicap Bets

Corner handicap betting is not overly diverse, so players can easily choose their bets and avoid information overload. You can predict the number of corners in the first half or the whole match depending on your needs and available information. Here are the two most common types of corner handicap bets:

  1. First-Half Corner Handicap Betting

  • Predict which team will get more corners in the first half and by the specified margin. Usually, the underdog team will offer a higher payout if they win more corners.

  1. Full-Match Corner Handicap Betting

  • Consider which team will have the advantage in corners throughout the match. Since the prediction period is longer, this type of bet is slightly more challenging. You need to carefully analyze the odds from reputable free bet bookmaker like W88.

Is Corner Handicap Betting Difficult?

For many people, predicting football scores has become a habit, so encountering a different type of bet might be confusing. However, with corner handicap betting, you don't need to worry. This type of bet is easier to play and doesn't require much time and effort.

Typically, the participating teams have unique characteristics regarding corners or throw-ins. Some teams consistently win at least five corners per match, while others rarely reach this number. If you regularly watch football and understand each team's playing style, predicting corner bets won't be too difficult.

Many people find corner bets very appealing with high payout rates, but not as difficult as score bets. You can easily estimate the maximum and minimum number of corners. Therefore, predicting the number of corners per half or full match is also easier. After making accurate predictions and winning the bet, you will receive a high payout.

Additionally, the number one bookmaker W88 frequently updates corner bet analysis articles. You can refer to this information to make more accurate corner handicap bets.

Effective Corner Handicap Betting Strategies

Besides understanding the concept and reading the odds table, you need additional skills for accurate corner betting. Here are some suggestions from the number one bookmaker W88 for you to apply:

  1. Understand Each Team's Playing Style

  • To accurately predict corner handicaps, you need to know if the team values these opportunities. For example, Manchester United places great importance on scoring from corners due to their emphasis on set pieces. In contrast, Manchester City players tend to avoid corner kicks and treat them like regular passes.

  1. Know the Players on Each Team

  • Each player's or star player's influence on corner kicks also matters. For example, if a club signs a player with good corner-kick skills during the transfer window, the coaching staff will likely leverage this advantage in upcoming matches to increase goal opportunities.

  1. Bet on the Stronger Team

  • In matches between a strong and a weak team, the stronger team usually attacks aggressively to score. Consequently, the weaker team will likely clear the ball more often, leading to more corner kicks. The lack of professionalism and high-level skills can also result in more corners instead of clearing to the sides.


The information above summarizes corner handicap betting and the most effective strategies for newcomers. Refer to this guide and apply it when analyzing corner bets on your top 10 bookmaker . Good luck!

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